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Shifting Ground Inc. is a 501(c)3  dedicated to empowering children through the arts. Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible arts education programs and performance opportunities that foster personal growth, cultural enrichment, and a lifelong love of the arts. We offer scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to ensure that every child has the opportunity to explore their creative potential and benefit from the transformative power of the arts.

Donations can be made by check (payable to Shifting Ground Inc)

Piano Keys
This 501(c)3 was established in honor of Nadine Shapiro.  Nadine never turned a child away due to financial struggles, and BBA will carry out her legacy by doing the same. We will also continue to expand our arts education endeavors and promote the high standards of performing arts programming Nadine Shapiro always worked to acheive. We Love You Nadine.
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