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Purple Glow




This is an interactive class that introduces children to the world of theater through creative and fun activities. Through a variety of improvisation games, storytelling exercises, and character-building activities, children develop their acting skills, boost their confidence, and learn to work collaboratively in a team. They are encouraged to think on their feet, use their imagination, and express themselves freely, fostering self-expression and creativity.



This class is designed to support the acting needs and goals for each specific age group. The class provides a structured curriculum where students delve into character development, emotional expression, and authentic delivery. Through monologue  and scene study work and improvisation, students learn to analyze scripts, embody diverse characters, and bring compelling performances to life. The class emphasizes the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and active listening, fostering essential skills for successful acting. .


vocal performance

This class is a specialized program that combines the art of singing with acting through song and interpreting music. Designed to elevate performance abilities, students learn to infuse songs with depth and emotion emphasizing expressive storytelling; honing their ability to interpret lyrics and connect with an audience on a profound level. 


little stars

This class is a delightful introduction to the world of performing arts, combining three essential elements: dance, music, and drama. In this interactive and age-appropriate environment, our skilled instructors foster a love for self-expression, creativity, and coordination. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your child's physical, cognitive, and social development while igniting their imagination.  


on camera acting

The On Camera Acting class is a specialized program that focuses on developing actors' skills for film and television. Students learn on-camera techniques, including framing, blocking, conveying organic performances. Through scene work and script analysis, students gain practical experience in front of the camera, honing their ability to deliver compelling and authentic performances tailored for on-screen success. 



This class is an application-only class. It will consist of students who represent Broadway Bound Academy throughout the year at various events and occasions. They will have opportunities to rehearse and perform within our communities, support our outreach campaigns, and train alongside other students who want to excel at a professional level.  More information regarding requirements for this class will be out shortly.


Broadway styles

The Broadway Styles dance class immerses students in the diverse world of Broadway musical theater. Exploring iconic shows and their unique artistic elements, students learn to embody various Broadway styles, from classic Golden Age musicals to contemporary pop/rock productions. This dynamic dance class provides an interactive experience, allowing students to develop their skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history and captivating dance styles found on the Broadway stage.


Urban funk/hip hop

The Hip Hop class is a dynamic program that introduces students to the exciting world of hip hop dance. Through high-energy choreography and rhythmic movements, students explore the foundations and techniques of hip hop. They learn to embody the style, precision, and attitude that define this popular dance genre. This class offers a fun and engaging experience, allowing students to develop their coordination, musicality, and self-expression while grooving to the infectious beats of hip hop music.



The Jazz class is a technically-focused program that provides students with a solid foundation in jazz.  They learn to execute precise isolations, develop flexibility, and master intricate footwork, while also honing their sense of rhythm and musicality. Through challenging combinations and across-the-floor exercises, students refine their technique and enhance their performance quality.  



The Tap Class engages in intensive training, working on complex footwork, precise rhythms, and various tap styles. With a strong emphasis on musicality, students develop a deeper understanding of syncopation and interpretation, infusing their routines with personality and artistry. Through a collaborative and supportive environment, students gain confidence, stage presence, and technical proficiency, further fueling their passion for tap dance.



The acro class is an exciting and dynamic session that combines elements of dance and acrobatics. This class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and tumbling skills.  Emphasis is placed on proper technique, body control, and the integration of acrobatic skills into dance sequences. Mats are provided for beginners but acrobatics is also practiced and performed on floors in higher levels.



Ballet is the technical base for all types of dance.  Students engage in a comprehensive warm-up, including barre exercises and center work, to enhance strength, flexibility, and alignment. Emphasis is placed on precise execution of classical ballet technique, musicality, and expression.  With individualized attention and detailed feedback, this class provides a nurturing yet demanding environment where dancers can continue to develop their skills and strive for excellence in their ballet practice.


leaps and turns

This class focuses on developing the skills necessary for executing impressive leaps and turns while incorporating a dedicated stretch component. Through a series of stretching exercises and techniques, dancers work on lengthening and elongating their muscles, improving extension, and achieving optimal flexibility for executing leaps and turns. Dancers also practice and refine their technical skills, such as spotting, balance, and coordination, in order to execute precise and powerful movements. 



Contemporary focuses on exploring fluidity, musicality, and personal interpretation through a fusion of various dance styles. The class incorporates floor work, improvisation, and combinations that encourage dancers to explore their individuality, connect with emotions, and develop their own artistic voice. With an emphasis on organic movement and creative expression, this class provides a nurturing and inspiring environment for dancers to explore the boundless possibilities of contemporary dance.


condition & combo

This class combines physical conditioning with the joy of learning choreography. Students engage in a variety of conditioning exercises, including cardio drills, core work, and resistance training, designed to support dance technique. Following the conditioning portion, dancers learn  combinations, exploring different dance styles and movement qualities. This class challenges dancers to integrate their newfound strength and technique into expressive and engaging dance sequences. 


nadshap performance class

In loving honor of Nadine Shapiro, this is the show rehearsal class for our fall and spring shows. Led by a skilled production team, students participate rehearse to put on professional-grade shows complete with costumes, lights, sets, and more at Olympic Heights.   This class offers an exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of bringing a show to its full potential, fostering creativity, camaraderie, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

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